Smooth and silvery Britannium, the brilliant pewter alloy dating from 1770 was referred to as “Vickers White Metal” because of its white moon-like glow and was distinguished for being spun on lathes instead of cast.

Today Britannium or Britannia metal, is most famous for its use in making the Oscar statue.  It is also one of the metals used in our own Arcadian collection.

arcadian collection, knobs, pulls, britannium, oscar material

The Arcadian collection is earthy, organic yet heavenly to touch. Inspired by the rugged stone of a Peloponnese mountain town backstreet, the ancient Arcadia lives forever in handles and knobs of lush Britannium or lustrous bronze.

arcadian appliance pulls, britannium, bronze

The rich feel is augmented by authentic pits and divets making the Arcadian collection a beautiful example of the Rustic style.

rustic table setting