Diamonds, chocolates or deco?

Sure you can give your sweetie, flowers, beer, candy or the occasional bling, but for real eye candy, we humbly suggest some delectable deco in one of our decadent dark finishes.

Just like your favorite chocolates, deco is available in a panoply of velvety dark finishes such as: matt black, glossy black and a wide range of oil rubbed bronze finishes that range from a rubbed ebony to a milky chocolate. Some oil-rubbed bronze finishes even have a cinnamony warmth blended into the darker hues.

One of the most challenging tasks in deco selection is matching finishes from different manufacturers. We, of course, obsess over finish matching, and as part of our commitment to maintaining a German standard of quality, we eagerly examine shipments to rigidly measure finish quality and consistency.

We have over 317 finish codes to allow us to precisely match specific finish variations. So when you find just the right shade of bittersweet, rest assured that every knob in that hue will match flawlessly. We hand-picked these goodies for our 2020 Valentine's Collection.