…of your cabinet drawers, of course! For new drawer fronts, nothing could be easier than these 3 goof proof steps.

Step 1. Measure the distance between the screw holes or note the CTC measurement if listed. All Häfele Home deco has the CTC measurement listed in the product title.

Step 2. Next, measure the same distance from 4 points on the drawer front. If the CTC is 3 inches, measure 3 inches from the end of Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right corners of the drawer front. See below. 


Step 3. Take any straight edge and draw a line from the marked point to the opposite corner. Repeat using the opposite corner. Mark the center of the X. This is where you will drill your hole. Repeat using the remaining marked points. 



Your pulls will be aligned and centered. If you have very many drawers, you can create a template out of scrap wood or cardboard using this method for speed and easiness.

If you are replacing an old pull, you may be stuck with the holes that are already in place. But you can fix some old boo-boos with big backplates or select a pull with a bigger “foot” to hide an off-center hole or pick pulls with double holes to switch from a 3 inch to a 3 ¾ inch pull.